Dog Paw Salve - Lavender & Bergamot

Dog Paw Salve - Lavender & Bergamot

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Relieves and protects pads - also tips of ears

  • Soothing for dry, rough or cracked pads
  • Promotes healing while protecting
  • Penetrates deep to quickly rejuvenate
  • Only premium grade ingredients used
  • Bergamot is extracted from rinds of citrus fruit of bergamot orange tree and has antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties; its analgesic qualities are effective against painful cysts
  • Neem oil softens the paw pads and has insecticidal and anti fungal properties; it is also a natural insect repellent
Dog paws are not meant to be dry and rough. Untreated, they cause great discomfort, obsessive licking and are more prone to cracking and bleeding.
  • Healthy paws are meant to be hydrated and spongy
  • Our Paw Salve deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin – making paws smooth and healthy again. 
  • Dogs love to lick their paws, so every ingredient in our dog products is carefully selected. 
  • Pads do crack and bleed if they get too dry. Don't use human lotion on the dogspads.

Our  all-natural salve features the best pet-safe essential oils and butters, carefully mixed to provide a soothing boost of moisture to dry, itchy, sensitive areas in need of relief. 

Dog paws are as vulnerable as our feet and they need to be taken care of and pampered.


Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Beeswax, Neem Oil, Lavender and  Bergamot Essential Oils



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