Natural ear treatment for dogs and cats; antibacterial, antiviral, antiinflammatory. Kills mites. Soothing.


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Our highly effective, fast-acting and soothing herbal formula with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties treats smelly ears due to yeast & bacterial infections and kills ear mites/parasites.

This unique formula contains a highly active blend of herbs including:


  • Mullein leaf, known for its antiviral properties and anti-inflammatory results
  • Yarrow as an antiseptic and itch/pain reliever, fights infection-causing bacteria  
  • White Willow Bark to further reduce fever and pain
  • Garlic is an antiseptic
  • Neem oil - antifungal and antibacterial - kills mites, fleas and insects of all kinds

Directions: Apply 4 - 5  drops into ear canal, massage gently for 60 seconds. Allow your pet to shake its head to get rid of excess oil - wipe inside of ear to clean.  Repeat twice per day for 7 days.



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